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Funding your case

At Libra Solicitors we provide value for money services without compromising standards. The meticulous professional service we provide is second to none.

We understand how important your instructions are and we take your instruction seriously. Whether we are representing our clients in court or helping them implement regulatory guidelines, or strategic planning into their business, our aim is to help our clients achieve their objectives.

We offer our services on an agreed fee basis and there are no hidden costs. We will agree our legal costs with you at the beginning of your specific instruction so you have the peace of mind to know that there are no hidden costs.

From time to time we may advise you that it would be prudent to employ the services of an industry expert or investigator such as a forensic accountant or fire safety officer. However, although we will explain why we believe it is necessary, we will always leave the final decision to you. We will never appoint an expert or case investigator without your approval.

We understand that legal fees can be difficult to fund so once we have agreed a fee for your instruction, we may be able to arrange a payment plan for you.

Our fees are calculated on individually and once we have agreed a fee for the work to be carried out, you will not have to pay additional fees even if we have to carry out more work than we originally estimated.

It is never too early to take legal advice but sometimes, it can be too late. Call us now on 01223 632420 and let us see how we can help you.

Our reputation drives our business

“Excellent service and first class advice. Very efficient and I would definitely recommend.”

“Showed a genuine level of empathy and respect which made all the difference in the most distressing weeks of my life.”

“I could not have wished for a better outcome. I was extremely worried about going to prison.
You handled my case with exceptional professionalism. Thank you very much.”

“I was regularly informed of progress with regular communication.
Highly satisfied with service and received the best possible outcome”

“I felt I was in the best possible hands, their knowledge and care made all the difference.”

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