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Contract litigation

If a commercial dispute has occurred causing you to consider commencing litigation, or if another business is threatening proceedings against you, call us today for a confidential discussion on 01223 632420. At Libra Solicitors, we will thoroughly assess your situation and advise you on all the options available to you. When required, we can act quickly to safeguard your business interests. This can include asking the court to issue an interim injunction or set one aside.

We believe that when it comes to commercial relationships, well drafted contracts will help avoid costly disputes. However, commercial disputes do regularly occur. Should a dispute arise in respect of your business, it could prove to be an expensive and time-consuming distraction from the actual running of business itself.

How we can help

Ensuring that your business avoids commercial disputes occurring in the first instance is clearly a better option than having to deal with them once they arise. However, should a dispute arise, you may need to act quickly and decisively to limit the impact on your business and protect your interests. At Libra Solicitors, our expertise could help you do just that.

From the very beginning of your instruction we will listen to your concerns before we advise. Once we have considered the circumstances involved in the dispute and taken your instruction in respect of your objectives, we will provide you with clear, practical advice and commercially-oriented solutions that you can use. In addition and if you require it, our expertise in strategic planning could help you manage the dispute so that its impact on your ongoing business is kept to a minimum.

If it is possible to resolve the dispute without the need of resorting to litigation, we will tell you. However, if litigation seems your best option, we will advise you as to the strength of your arguments and on your instruction, we expertly prepare your case.

When appropriate, we will identify witnesses who may need to be called to give evidence and we will also advise you if we believe industry-specific experts or forensic accounting experts could support your case.

Should your matter proceed to litigation, your matter will be led by a QC, barrister or solicitor-advocate, so you can be sure that that the advice and representation you receive is of the highest quality.

Even when litigation has started, it may be possible to resolve the dispute without waiting for the court to pass judgement so we will constantly review the situation.

For a confidential discussion about the litigation issues that may be concerning you, call us on 01223 632420 and arrange an appointment.

Reputational damage

At Libra Solicitors we understand that sometimes in business there could be negative consequences of being involved in litigation, even if the litigation process has not concluded. The reputational damage that could occur, for example, may well cause a loss in investor or customer confidence and could even threaten the future of those involved.

We believe therefore that if you are involved in litigation or suspect that you will soon will be, you should plan ahead and our expertise in strategic planning could help you safeguard your interests and limit any detrimental impact.

At Libra Solicitors we are committed to helping our clients achieve their business objectives. For a confidential discussion about your business needs, call us on 01223 632420 and arrange an appointment.

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What are your options?

After carefully consideration of the evidence and analysis of the objectives of your business, it could be that we will advise you that the best course of action for you to take, is to take part in mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution. This might be the case for example, when a continuing business relationship with those you are in dispute is of paramount importance to your business.

Alternatively, litigation may initially not be an option, as the contract to which you are a party, may stipulate that a dispute resolution process, such as arbitration, has to be used to resolve the dispute. In either case, our expertise in the various alternative dispute resolution processes could help you to achieve a positive outcome.

For a confidential discussion about alternative dispute resolution, call us on 01223 632420 and arrange an appointment.

Our reputation drives our business

“Excellent service and first class advice. Very efficient and I would definitely recommend.”

“Showed a genuine level of empathy and respect which made all the difference in the most distressing weeks of my life.”

“I could not have wished for a better outcome. I was extremely worried about going to prison.
You handled my case with exceptional professionalism. Thank you very much.”

“I was regularly informed of progress with regular communication.
Highly satisfied with service and received the best possible outcome”

“I felt I was in the best possible hands, their knowledge and care made all the difference.”

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