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Death by dangerous or careless driving

Individuals convicted of death by dangerous driving could face a maximum prison sentence of 14 years. Other offences, such as death by driving unlicensed, uninsured or disqualified, also exist, as do offences that deal with deaths caused by driving when under the influence of drink or drugs.

If you are found guilty of this offence, the court could decide to take into account any aggravating features that have been demonstrated to exist at the time the offence was committed and may well increase the severity of the sentence. What constitutes an aggravating feature in this instance, will be decided by the court. Driving at excessive speed and driving aggressively when the offence was committed for example, could be considered by the court as aggravating features.

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How we can help

In respect of this offence if you have not been arrested, it is likely that you will be asked to attend the police station where you be interviewed under caution. In this instance we strongly suggest you to take legal advice before you attend. Should you instruct us to do so, we can attend the police station with you and our expertise could help ensure that your rights are protected.

Going to court

If you are facing a prosecution for this offence, our expertise could help you. Should your matter proceed to court, your case will be led by barrister or a solicitor-advocate, so you can be sure that your case will be expertly prepared and that the representation at court that we provide, will be of the highest quality.

Once we have your instruction, we will thoroughly examine the prosecution case and all the available evidence. It may be that there are defences that can be put forward, or that the prosecution evidence could be challenged.

We will then give you clear, practical advice in respect of the strength of the prosecution case and in respect of plea, mitigation and sentencing. If there are defences that could be put forward, we will advise you accordingly. If it is necessary to take statements from your witnesses we will do so, and we will assist you in obtaining documentation, such as your medical records, that may be relevant to your case.

For a confidential discussion about the issues that may be concerning you, call us on 01223 632420 and arrange an appointment.

Our reputation drives our business

“Excellent service and first class advice. Very efficient and I would definitely recommend.”

“Showed a genuine level of empathy and respect which made all the difference in the most distressing weeks of my life.”

“I could not have wished for a better outcome. I was extremely worried about going to prison.
You handled my case with exceptional professionalism. Thank you very much.”

“I was regularly informed of progress with regular communication.
Highly satisfied with service and received the best possible outcome”

“I felt I was in the best possible hands, their knowledge and care made all the difference.”

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