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If you or your business is facing a criminal investigation or prosecution because of alleged criminality or an alleged regulatory breach, it is imperative that you know as soon as possible what your options are.

Investigations and prosecutions into alleged criminal activity or regulatory breaches are conducted by a number of different regulatory bodies and the Crown through the serious fraud office or the CPS.

Whatever your particular circumstances, at Libra solicitors we will provide you with clear, practical legal advice that you can trust, so you can decide how to proceed with confidence.

Our expertise is focused on helping our clients achieve a positive outcome and we take a pro-active approach in respect of dealing with investigating authorities or prosecuting bodies.

In addition, whether we are –

  • Attending the police station with our clients and giving them expert advice in respect of an interview under caution, (hyper link to attending the police station)
  • Making representations to the Crown or regulatory body on behalf of our clients when asking then to review the prosecution or to review some other issue,
  • Providing our clients with high-quality legal representation in court,

we vigorously protect our client’s rights.

Being involved in a criminal investigation or prosecution can quickly become an extremely stressful and difficult time not just for you but for those around you. So if you or your business is facing a criminal investigation or prosecution, contact us. Our knowledge could be your biggest strength.

From thoroughly examining any available evidence and the allegation itself, to taking witness statements and where appropriate, collecting evidence that the authorities may not have been aware of, you can be sure that we are working hard for you.

If there are defences to the allegation available, we will tell you. If there are options to your being prosecuted such as deferred prosecution agreements, we will explain what they are and advise you accordingly.

We will also advise you if we believe that industry specific expert analysis such as forensic accounting will benefit your case. Such expert analysis is sometimes necessary and can prove to be invaluable, both during the investigation and especially during a prosecution should one be started.

It is in the quality of the customer care, legal advice and expert representation we provide to our clients that we excel. Should your matter proceed to court, your case will be led by a QC, barrister or solicitor-advocate, so you can be sure that we are focused on helping you achieve the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

At Libra solicitors we understand that in some instances, unintended consequences, such as reputational damage can follow a criminal investigation or prosecution, even if guilt has not yet been attributed to any particular party. Damage to an individual’s reputation or to that of a business can, for example, lead to a loss in investor confidence which in turn could severely affect both a business and/or an individual.

We believe, therefore that the party being investigated or being prosecuted, should plan ahead to protect their interests. So if you or your business are facing an investigation or prosecution, our expertise in strategic planning could help protect your interests and limit any detrimental impact.

For a comprehensive discussion in respect of any criminal or regulatory issues you or your business may be facing, call us today on 01223 632420 to arrange an appointment.

Our reputation drives our business

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